Security printing

Smaller size OVDot™ particles (100 x 100 microns) can be incorporated into transparent or light-coloured printing inks for screen and intaglio processes. These enable printing of the particles on paper-based security documents (tax stamps, government forms, passports, tickets) or on plastic cards (ID cards, payment cards, loyalty cards). The printing can be done in stripes or other patterns to ensure sufficient particle density on a document. As with other applications, the presence of OVDot™ particles on these documents will help to verify that the document is genuine (by using the security features of the particles) and to trace the document to the security printer or even a particular year, month or batch of manufacture (by using the variable alphanumeric data on the particles). Another method to add security and traceability to documents is the machine application of OVDots™ included in transparent hot-stamping foil onto the document. This method allows for a larger dot size with more variable data.

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