Zlatni GRBZlatni Grb coin
Zlatni GRBZlatni Grb coin

In 2003 Metallic Security took part creating one of the most prestigious state awards for Croatia. Three large gold holographic medals were made jointly with our customer HNZ (Croatian Monetary Institute).

The award was named Zlatni Grb (Golden Crest) and each medal was minted of 500 grams of pure gold. The key feature of the medal was a gold holographic insert showing the national crest of Croatia. HNZ minted the medals and Metallic Security manufactured and attached the holographic inserts.

The Award was given on 30th May 2003, to mark the anniversary of the Croatian State Parliament. The medals were awarded for the special contribution to the parliamentary development, democracy, tolerance and the protection of human rights. The recipients were the then vice-presidents of the Parliament Mr. Baltazar Jal¹ovec and Mr. Vlatko Pavletič. The third medal went to the non-governmental human rights organisation called Gong.

Since then Metallic Security has produced a number of state awards and commemorative medals featuring holographic images.

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