AutoDot - Baltic Car Equipment
Zlatni GRB

In 2006 Metallic Security and our partner Baltic Car Equipment (BCE) launched the Autodot® vehicle identification project in Lithuania. BCE is a well-established Lithuanian supplier of car components and car security and is currently expending its business to Include Latvia and Estonia.

Autodot® marking kits are currently offered through a network of more than 50 retailers in the country and this marking method is quickly winning consumer recognition. BCE who created their own vehicle database to support the system co-operate closely with all major insurance companies and the police department.Both insurers and the police are coming to realize the benefits of the new system.

In Lithuania a large number of stolen cars are stripped and parts re-sold in the black market. Comprehensive marking with Autodot® (which includes application of dots to most valuable parts of the vehicle) makes it more challenging for the criminals to re-sell illegal parts. More and more of those are being seized by the police. This also gives them a fair chance to find the stolen vehicle and the thieves. The system is quickly winning recognition in Lithuania. According to BCE, the formula for success is in close co-operation between car dealers, insurance companies and police.

Further plans of expansion will bring Autodot® to Latvia and Estonia and an integrated database of vehicles for all three Baltic countries will be set up with the aim to reduce car theft across the Baltic States.

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